Ribbon Shares

Have you seen all of the beautiful styles of ribbon in the Stampin’ Up! Catalogs?


Each spool of ribbon contains 5 or 10 yards of ribbon depending on the style you are looking for.  If you were to purchase each style of ribbon showcased in the annual catalog, in every color, it would cost around $400 plus tax and shipping!  Whew…that’s a lot of moola!  

We all need to have every color of ribbon…right?!? Right!!! 


Well when you purchase a ribbon share you can get every color of that ribbon style at a much lower cost. 


Wouldn't you rather have 2 yards of 5 different colors instead of 10 yards of just one color? I knew you would!


A ribbon share enables you to get a smaller amount of each color and style of ribbon at a much lower cost. So you can play with a variety of different colors and styles!


Here's how it works:

  • Each style of ribbon is cut into 2 yard increments…that way you can enjoy 2 yards of each color (instead of 5 or 10 yards of just one color).

  • All of the ribbon shares will come pre-packaged in a little acetate box for easy storage.

  • Some ribbon shares come with coordinating embellishments as well!




The ribbon share reservation period will begin with the launch of the new Stampin' Up! Annual catalog in June. Watch for more information.


Pre-payment is required as I will order the ribbon spools based on the number of participants.


















Reservation Period

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